2018 Baby Proof Set

  • $125.00

  • Celebrate the arrival of the 2018 baby!
  • Comprises a unique, full-colour Possum Magic 50c coin exclusive to this set! 
  • Struck to flawless Proof quality by the Royal Australian Mint.
  • Housed in a plush display case within an illustrated outer sleeve.
  • Accompanied by a RAM Certificate of Authenticity.

Featuring a new theme, new presentation and - for the first time since 2003 - a full-colour coin, the Possum Magic 2018 Baby Proof Set represents the birth of a new era for the Royal Australian Mint's ever-popular series.

With full-colour Possum Magic 50c exclusive to this set

The first full-colour coin in the Baby Proof Set since the 'Australia's Volunteers' $1 in 2003, the highlight is the Possum Magic 50c - a coin that will only be found in this set! From the deft hand of Illustrator Julie Vivas, the front cover motif of Mem Fox's widely-acclaimed Australian children's book is quintessentially Australian. Complete with the original illustration's watercolour charm, it forms the perfect reverse design for this full-colour stunner.