2018 Proof Set

  • $100.00

  • Commemorates the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice!
  • Comprises an example of all six circulating Australian coinage denominations, struck to sublime Proof quality!
  • Includes a unique, one-year-only $1 type never to be released for circulation!
  • All Proof coins are housed in stylish, official RAM packaging.
  • Take advantage of discounted postage and Double Bonus Points until December 31, 2017!
  • Australia's primary annual numismatic archive is yours for just $100!
Defined by a splendid, Proof-quality strike, carried out to the exacting standards of the Royal Australian Mint, the much-anticipated 2018 Proof Set is here! Created with individually polished dies, this sparkling set comprises Australia's coinage in a quality you'll never see anywhere else. Thanks to the addition of a unique, one-year-only $1 type honouring the centenary of the Armistice, this already critical release is sure to inspire demand from a broad cross-section of the community.